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How to choose the right size for your custom challenge coin

Challenge coins are metal objects, usually, but not necessarily, round that carry emblems characteristics of organizations or individuals. There is a long tradition of challenge coins in the military, whether as a reward for an achievement or as a sign of membership.

The use of distinguishing insignias dates far back in history. In ancient Rome, soldiers who managed to distinguish themselves in battle would receive a special coin with their legion’s name in it.

When buying challenge coins, it is crucial to pay attention to their size and dimensions. If it’s too big, carrying it may become a nuisance. If it’s too small, it may not be possible to have all the text and details desired.

The coin size refers to both its diameter and thickness, and you should consider those factors when choosing. We’re going to take a look into these aspects of coin selection.

So, if you are thinking about getting a customized challenge coin and do not know what size is ideal for you, keep reading this article and check some tips on:

  • What are your options?

  • How to choose the right size of your challenge coins

What are your options?

Challenge coins come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, colors, and thicknesses. A US quarter ranges from 0.705 to 0.955 inches in thickness. All coins’ standard thickness is 3mm, but it might be adjusted according to the needs and desires of each customer.

The average challenge coin is around 1.75 to 2 inches and can influence what size you may want to feel the weight in your hand.

  • 1.5” - 1 oz;

  • 1.75” - 1.4 oz;

  • 2.0” - 1.6 oz.

How to choose the right size of your challenge coins

When you’re going to choose the dimensions of your challenge coin, take notice of some aspects. You should take into account the use and the amount of detail desired.

Some people want a challenge coin to put on display. If this is the case, larger diameter and weight are justified. However, to those who wish to care them around, a lighter and smaller choice is advisable since it’s more practical to keep them in pockets or wallets.

Another essential aspect to use is the option of a bottle opener in the challenge coin. In this case, the size of the particular coin needs to be adjusted to fit the size of most bottles.

Thus, we recommend a 2.25 inches size, to actually open a bottle comfortably. You are going to need some leverage and make up surface area for you design that the cutout for the opener will take up.

If you are designing a custom shape challenge coin, keep in mind the height and width of the coin. Many times a cut to shape coin can appear smaller than a round coin if it is lacking in height even if the width is the same.

The number of details and the amount of text in the emblem of the coin influence its size. As it decreases, it becomes harder to insert small details. The text is also limited in size, if you have a lot of text the legibility might be compromised.

Thus, you should take these variables into account when you choose the coin’s dimensions so they can fulfill your needs and requirements.

If you want to know more, get in touch with us and we will be happy to recommend the best size for you custom challenge coins.

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